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Winter Wilderness Corporate Retreats

Winter Wilderness Corporate Retreats

Keep Your Team Motivated This Winter!

Winter can be a tough time for many people to stay focused and motivated at work and on the job. Commuting to and from the office in the cold and snow, often in the dark, and short gloomy days followed by long dark nights can really take a physical, emotional and mental bite out of the average person.

Give your team an opportunity to recharge this season with a Winter Wilderness Corporate Retreat at Sportsman’s Lodge.

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Keep Spirits High

A happy team is a motivated team!

Planning a retreat for your company can provide your team a fun way to refocus and group.

Successful retreats are well thought out and have specific goals. Regardless of what those may be in relation to your business, here are 5 things that make any retreat a great retreat:

  • Structured Group Focused Activities for Team Building – When your team has a chance to engage in team building exercises, they often learn a lot about each other, and themselves as individuals, leading to a deeper understanding of what makes each person tick, and how to better work together as a whole.
  • Roundtable Discussions/Brainstorming – Block off a bit of time to gather your crew for the sole purpose of tossing around ideas. Brainstorming in a place other than the boardroom opens the door for out of the box thinking. When you’re in a no pressure setting, people will naturally be more relaxed and let their ideas flow.
  • Unstructured Play Time – Plenty of free time should be allowed. Remember, this is a retreat, not a round the clock work-a-thon!
  • Meal Time – Take a break at meal times. Eat breakfast as a group. If you happen to be “working” at lunch time, take the time to put the brakes on and enjoy an hour of food and small talk. Working lunches happen all too often on the 9-5 and your retreat is definitely NOT the place to work while eating. Eat dinner. Real food. With cocktails if you like. Enjoy yourselves and the company of others!
  • Get Outside and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone– Gather your team for an outdoor adventure. Go snowmobiling, hiking, cross country skiing. Or keep it simple. Build snowmen, make snow angels, or have a good old fashioned snow ball fight! The goal is to get outside, do something a little different, and have fun!

Why Choose Sportsman’s Lodge?

We offer a unique physical landscape, located on Kukagami Lake, and surrounded by nature.

Our facilities offer private spaces for our guests, as well as common gathering areas.

Our Corporate Retreat groups receive:

  • 1,500 square foot rustic style conference room, equipped with tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, pull down screen, flip charts, and dry erase boards, all overlooking beautiful Lake Kukagami.
  • Comfortable Accommodations for all guests
  • Coffee / Beverage Breaks
  • Freshly Prepared Meals in our fully licensed dining room, with a wide range of menu options including vegetarian dishes. Each meal is made fresh with wholesome ingredients right at the resort.
  • Full use of our grounds, which have been designed for your enjoyment, to relax and inspire.

Can’t wait to relax and unwind? Give us a call the lodge at 705-853-4434 to discuss your corporate retreat with George.


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